Рассказ на английском о типичном доме не большой


I have a not big house. There a room, a kitchen and a bathroom there. In my room big bed, TV-set and a table, what I work my homework and play different play. Also I have dog. It live in house. I love my dog. I do not have a big house. The house has 3 rooms. There is a room for guests there is a fireplace, a sofa, a coffee table, there are pillows on the couch, there are pictures, a TV and a floor. The second room is my parents' bedroom. There is a big bed, a bedside table, a mirror, two wardrobes, one mother's and the other is Papa's and very beautiful curtains. 3 rooms is my room there is a bed, a mirror, a closet, a computer desk, a bedside table and a guitar. I have to play the guitar and I have a dog called Latug. I love my dog.

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