Почему люди путешествуют за границу на английском (не большой текст)


Traveling is a very nice activity. You can travel in your own country or abroad. It's not just a lot of fun, but it's also quite useful for a person. As for me I prefer traveling abroad, because I know people from other countries and learning about their culture. I think people travel abroad for many reasons. First of all, traveling is a great opportunity to broaden your mind Love of travel. Everyone has his own hobby in life. Some people collect postcards, magnets. Someone collects travel. Trips to distant countries allow satisfying curiosity, go beyond the usual surroundings, experience real adventures, fill with energy, expand the horizon, give bright and unforgettable impressions. Pleasant memories of a vacation at sea or skiing on skis brighten up the gray routine, give life a special meaning. Traveling for them is a lifestyle.

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